Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nominees: Robin Beaty and Fleur Palau

The 16th Spotlight on the Arts Awards is coming to the Music Hall on April 15th -- so as a follow up to announcing the nominees, I'd like to specially congratulate Robin Luciano Beaty and Fleur Palau as I have the pleasure of working with both of them!

Robin Luciano Beaty...

Robin has been nominated for "Outstanding Abstract Artist of 2009". She concentrates primarily on the ancient wax based medium of Encaustic paint, a molten beeswax mixed with resin and dry pigments, which she incorporates mixed media, vintage materials, textiles and found objects. Her work has been described as "beautifully conceptual, satisfying mind and spirit simultaneously" and "deliciously collectable". Robin has had an ongoing presence at Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth - Her solo show this past August ('09) was a huge success, featuring an impressive body of work in her medium of encaustic. Last Spring ('09), Robin was awarded the Award for Excellence in Mixed Media at the NAA's 12th annual Regional juried show as well as the prestigious International Encaustic Painting "Conference Award" for Best in Show in the exhibition juried by Nicholas Capasso, chief curator of the Decordova Museum. *I'd like to also mention that she built her own studio, which is gorgeous and impressive in and of itself -- she's prolific, professional and a delight to work with.

Fleur Palau...

Fleur has been nominated for "Outstanding Narrative Artist of 2009". She was trained in both Florence and New York, she has lived and worked in Italy for over 20 years where she maintains a home and working studio. She is currently living in New Hampshire and has an ongoing presence at Three Graces. She is best known for her narrative paintings depicting a world of Rabbits. Her paintings are a whimsical, yet sometimes moody reflection of the human psyche set in the natural world. Fleur admits "The full meaning of these paintings is of course open to speculation and does not concern me, though I recognize the symbolism and irony that is the vehicle in which to reveal some useful message about ourselves. I would hope that in these rabbbit portraits we may recognize the better attributes of our own nature, that of love, friendship, loyalty, and that the renewed recognition of this will at once empower and inspire." Fleur recently finished a series of paintings to be published in a children's book!