Friday, September 21, 2007

Call for Ornaments

I am looking for unique ornaments hand-made by artists to have at Three Graces for the Holiday Season!

Please send images to

Tons of Tiny Art!

The highly anticipated 'Teeny Tiny Art Show' opened with a bang last friday evening. The gallery was jammed with artists, enthusiasts and patrons. A fabulous time was had by all - thank you to everyone that came out. On Saturday my friend, M. Winters, came by to take some shots of the gallery with his wide angle lense.

This show has been exhausting, though, I am lucky to have reinforcements in good friends. I am extremely grateful to Erin Moran and Bob Marino who aided in freshening up the hanging walls and pedestals with a coat of paint (actually 2 coats!); Terry McCue for her help in hanging the art work (36 aritsts and over 250 pieces!). Terry along with Chris Moore and Dan Koslofsky were a huge help at the reception. The task was truly overwhelming, and I never would have been able to pull it off without their help...I just hope they are all willing and able again in February!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Becky OH! Fall Bags

Becky arrived today with some bags from her Fabulous Fall Collection! Passionate for independent design, Becky has sought out unique fabrics from talented artists, such as Lara Cameron from Melbourne (shown below).

Feeling forlorn as summer is past, I indulged in a bit of retail therapy myself. This bag, fabric designed by Etsuko Furuya of Japan, was delivered today - and it's mine!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tiny Art Contest

One Contest. Two Prizes. Interested?

Anticipation is building for our upcoming 'Teeny Tiny Art Show' that opens September 12th. The exhibition is in collaboration with "The Enormous Tiny Art Show" at Nahcotta. Deb and I put our heads together and decided to hold a contest!

Tell Us About Your First Time...

Many first-time buyers took the plunge, so to speak, during the original Enormous Tiny Art Show earlier this year. Nahcotta and Three Graces Gallery think the Enormous Tiny Art Show II (at Nahcotta) and the Teeny Tiny Art Show (at Three Graces) in September might inspire similar virgin voyages of the art collecting sort.

So, in honor of that first purchase that made you jump up and down, gaze at its magnificence for hours, and rearrange your entire house to make it fit, we'd like you, in 250 words or less, to tell us about your first time. If we choose your story as the winning "My First Time" essay, you win a $50 gift certificate from both Nahcotta and Three Graces Gallery. Don't worry, we're not looking for Hemingway here - it's the essence and passion and honesty of your stories that will make you a contender.

Submit your stories to us at Use the subject line "My First Time."
Deadline is Sunday, September 9th. Winner announced Wednesday, September 12th, the opening day of Nahcotta's Enormous Tiny Art Show II and Three Graces' Teeny Tiny Art Show. Your first time was a memorable rite of passage. Now it's time to tell your story.

Preview works from the upcoming 'Teeny Tiny Art Show' here.

Winged Things

So summer has come and gone and August was absolutely crazy! I am fresh upon my return from a much needed vacation.

'Things with Wings'
have been flying in and out the door, the exhibition included works by Rachel Paxton, Abby Glassenberg, Jane Kaufmann, Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer, Tim Christensen-Kirby, Lauren Holmgren, Josh Dow and yours truly.

The works in the show received a glowing review from Ann Bryant that appeared in the Portsmouth Herald.

If you didn't get a chance to visit 'Things with Wings' the show is up thru Monday and most of the works can be seen here.