Thursday, January 31, 2008

Smart and Sassy

More tiny art...Nicole Maloof's work just arrived! She will be exhibiting a small series of drawings and one painting inspired by Vladimir Nabokov's Ada or Ardor, A Family Chronicle.

"The drawings retain their own independent story but draw elements from Nabokov's novel such as forbidden love, an obsession with the natural world, and innocense...After the seed of influence was planted, separate stories evolved and when combined with absurdity the imagery became its own entity."

Nicole was born in 1983 in Seoul, South Korea. She received her BFA with a concentration in Painting and her BA with a concentration in Chemistry from Boston University in 2006. She first exhibited her work at Three Graces in the original Teeny Tiny Art Show this past September.
View all of the works from this series here.

new postcard!

Front: i can't resist from using art historical references - Danae being showered by Zeus in the form of gold coins!

Back: tiny montage of works by exhibiting artists

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hail to Hybrids

The Teeny Tiny Art Show II draws pleases me to announce two more participating artists, Sarah Ogren and Bailey Saliwanchik. Both artists will be exhibiting fantastic works featuring invented composites.

Three Graces welcomes Sarah Ogren who will be exhibiting in the gallery for the first time. Sarah lives in a very small, rural, town in Southern Illinois in the middle of the Shawnee National Forest. "It is a very peaceful and quite place. I am surrounded by nature, and see many types of wildlife on an almost daily basis. This has greatly influenced my work." Here is a sneak preview of Sarah's work, "playful, sarcastic and whimsical", see the entire series here.

I have had the pleasure of working with Bailey Saliwanchik over the past year, I love the new series of tiny paintings she is sending (as I have a personal fascination with hybrids and things with wings myself!) Here is a sneak preview and you can see more of Bailey's work here.

Tiny Art keeps coming in, so I will do my best to keep you posted! Remember, the Teeny Tiny Art Show II will be up by Wednesday, February 6th and the opening reception is Friday, February 8th, 5-8pm. See you soon!

Monday, January 28, 2008

from the West!

While I am very passionate about exhibiting local talent in the gallery, I am equally passionate about exposing the local viewers to art from beyond the borders of our lovely seacoast. The Teeny Tiny Art Show II has been the perfect opportunity...

Amy Huddleston lives in Seattle, Washington. I absolutely love her work and was delighted to hear that she would participate in the February show! Her acrylic paintings feature invented "portraits", experimental in color and texture. Powerful in content, the paintings make me think about the life cycle juxtaposing childlike innocence with foreboding death.

Here are some of the paintings that Amy will soon be sending, and you can see more of her work for the Tiny Art Show

Hadley Hutton hails from Portland, Oregon - her paintings just arrived to the gallery and they are absolutely beautiful. She creates an environment of delicate pattern and soft color in which sweet little deer, birds and butterflies reside. Below is a sneak preview of some of Hadley's paintings, you can see more of her work for the Tiny Art Show here.

Teeny Tiny Two

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I've just returned from a relaxing respite in Vermont - it was my Christmas gift from Bob! We escaped the Noreaster by leaving a day early, gaining twenty-four hours of pure winter delight. We stayed at the Quechee Inn at Marshland Farm, "an historic Vermont inn offering an inspiring blend of natural beauty, colonial elegance, country comfort, outdoor activities, and romantic hiding places to curl and relax."

Located right up the street was the Simon Pearce shop and restaurant (marketing genii) located in a beautiful old mill. We were able to watch the glass-blowers down in the basement creating some gorgeous stemware. *Simon Pearce Glassware is also available in Portsmouth at Nahcotta!

A personal highlight of the trip was my fist experience on skis. On our first day, Bob and I got a quick cross-country ski lesson from Marty at the Queechy Inn (he is one of the kindest and knoweldgeable outdoor enthusiasts I have ever met). Then it was on to Suicide Six in Woodstock to pursue downhill - much to everyone's surprise I quickly graduated from the "J-bar" to the "easy mile".

...I remained graceful in all of my outdoor endeavors...

Also in Woodstock we visited some art galleries. I particularly liked the Woodstock Folk Art Prints & Antiques gallery located on Elm Street. I fell in love with the work of Tanya Zaryski.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Web Designs

I recently finished three new websites:

Christopher Gowell is a true renaissance woman. In addition to being a talented sculptress, she owns and runs Sanctuary Arts in Elliot, ME. Visit her new website (designed by yours truly):

George Beland is a furniture designer + maker (he recently delivered a lovely selection of pieces from his new line!) George's tables feature elegant lines and are perfectly proportioned to fit in small spaces. Visit his website:

Jen Hodges is an amazing abstract artist, represented in Portsmouth by Nahcotta. Visit her website:

I have enjoyed working on these websites and find it compliments my work here in the gallery. If you are an artist or have an artist friend that may be interested in having a website created please let me know! Here are some of the other sites I have worked on in the past year...

Rose Umerlik is another amazing abstract artist, also represented in Portsmouth by
Nahcotta. Visit her website:

Lily Devine makes handbags and accessories out of vintage fabric remnants. Visit the website:

Donna Harkins is a prolific painter, she offers a variety of prints featuring cats, the figure, landscapes, seascapes, gardens, Tuscany and Provence to name just a few! Visit her website:

The Portsmouth Art Galleries collaborate to host a gallery walk on the 2nd Friday of every month (Art 'Round Town). The website provides a list of all of the participating galleries in addition to info regarding current and upcoming exhibitions. Visit the website:

And of course, my own website for the gallery:

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tiny Toggery

More previews of Tiny Art! Liz Tran of Seattle, WA just sent some jpegs of the paintings she will be sending for the upcoming 'Teeny Tiny Art Show II' in February:

In her statement, Liz explains the series of daily dresses:
"This series of paintings began as a project for Art o Mat in which I created 50 themed cigarette pack sized paintings to be vended through restored cigarette machines. I have a large amount of thrift store vintage dresses and decided they would make a good subject since they hold their own as unique handmade objects. By painting them I am paying tribute to the women who lovingly spent many hours making them only to have them end up at a Salvation Army forty years later for $3. In return I am making something commemorating their work that, like the dresses themselves, takes me a great deal of care and time to create."

To view more paintings by Liz and other participating artists of the upcoming 'Teeny Tiny Art Show II' look here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Waxy Drawings

The 'Teeny Tiny Art Show II' is fast approaching! I just received an email from Kate Phillips including some jpegs of the "waxy drawings" she will be exhibiting in February - here is a sneak preview...

...a little bit about Kate:

Kate Phillips is a Scottish artist who currently lives in The Bay Area. She studied printmaking at Glasgow School of Art but for the last 8 years has been working in the encaustic medium. Her drawings and paintings are made using this ancient technique which is a layering of beeswax/resin and pigments fused together with a blow torch. Kate traps found images, old paper and thread between these layers to create intriguing worlds, beckoning the viewer closer, to hear the stories they whisper. (They smell nice too.)