Monday, January 28, 2008

from the West!

While I am very passionate about exhibiting local talent in the gallery, I am equally passionate about exposing the local viewers to art from beyond the borders of our lovely seacoast. The Teeny Tiny Art Show II has been the perfect opportunity...

Amy Huddleston lives in Seattle, Washington. I absolutely love her work and was delighted to hear that she would participate in the February show! Her acrylic paintings feature invented "portraits", experimental in color and texture. Powerful in content, the paintings make me think about the life cycle juxtaposing childlike innocence with foreboding death.

Here are some of the paintings that Amy will soon be sending, and you can see more of her work for the Tiny Art Show

Hadley Hutton hails from Portland, Oregon - her paintings just arrived to the gallery and they are absolutely beautiful. She creates an environment of delicate pattern and soft color in which sweet little deer, birds and butterflies reside. Below is a sneak preview of some of Hadley's paintings, you can see more of her work for the Tiny Art Show here.