Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Robin's Studio Tour in Apartment Therapy!

Tanya Lacourse visited Robin's studio this past sunday! She writes "It was love at first site when I parked my car across the street from Robin's art studio in Byfield. Her barn — set on an angle 50 feet from the road — is loosely landscaped with natural rock and wild flowers. A vintage blue Vespa sits out front adding to the warm, countryside feel. The backyard is equally charming with a small farmer's porch and a chicken coop that houses three friendly chickens..."

read the entire article here on Apartment Therapy! Congratulations Robin, you built your dream and it is gorgeous!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sneak Peak: Robin's studio tour

from behind the scenes ... Tanya Lacourse (of Violet Marsh Photography) visited Robin's studio for Apartment Therapy!

the post will appear tomorrow!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dustan Knight: Garden Party

This month we have a very special show featuring works by Dustan Knight -- It's a Garden Party!

"I can feel the plants growing around me, their breath sweet , their heartbeats fluttering in the heat of this summer afternoon I can hear them whispering with the cicada and shifting slightly as they dig deeper into the hot dirt I'll water them in the morning, while they still have tiaras of dew and snip off their flowers as offerings to august. I have been painting this subject for way too long but it seems to be growing more intriguing rather than less, so there will be more flowers, and more koi pools." - Dustan Knight

Dustan Knight has an MFA from Pratt Institute and an MA from Boston University in Art History.

"My artistic sensibility is strongly influenced by my post graduate years in New York City. I was involved in the Expressionist movement of new artists in the eighties. Like them I believe that art should be a passionate statement from the artist’s innermost self. My subsequent study in Art History establishes a framework of artistic ideas and ideals giving my work depth and context within the historic dialogue of art and culture. I feel comfortable using various mediums. Materials and technique are simply vocabulary to express whatever I feel is important to communicate."

"I have been working with watercolor during the last ten years and am fascinated by the brilliant fragile color, physical peculiarities and speed with which you can move it. It is a really fun exciting medium that reacts immediately (and not always in a predictable manner) to every thing I do or refrain from doing."

"I continue to work toward a distillation of concept (the elusive perfection of ‘not too many notes - not too few ‘) drawing on themes which mean something tremendously important to me, which I attempt to convey as eloquently as possible to my viewers."

Dusty lives and works out of her studio in New Castle, NH. She has won numerous awards for her work and exhibited throughout New England for over twenty years. She also offers workshops, writes regional reviews for Art New England and teaches as an adjunct professor at several local art colleges.

"I am not a gardener and my garden is very messy, which distresses me everytime a 'real' gardener comes to visit....

...But the tangle of weeds and perennials look alot like my paintings. I Like the way the watercolor paint pools and melts into different shapes and I like the way the spaces, become shapes then become spaces, just as my garden does."

Garden Party runs thru August 29th. All of the works from this show are available to view and purchase in our online shop!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Painting of the week ...

Swooping Down by Chloƫ Feldman Emison, watercolor + inks on paper, 9 x 12 inches learn more

... inspired by the journeys that have been and will be and also because we LOVE it!

"Be joyful because it is humanly possible" - Wendell Berry