Friday, April 23, 2010

hand-made by these beautiful people!

As my technical skills improve, I find myself improving our website!

About a year ago, I began adding photographs of the artists I work with to their bio/statements. The response has been great! Everything in the gallery is one-of-a-kind and hand-made, and I find it helps to engage with the piece when you know a little more about its I decided to add the pictures of the artists to our website:

The photographs were fantastic! Some are taken by professionals while others are candid shots -- here are some of my favorites...

Becky OH! (courtesy of Violet Marsh Photography)

Peter Donovan (courtesy of Michael Penney Photography)
Elsa Mora wearing hand-made paper necklace, portrait inspired by Frida Kahlo (courtesy of Elsa's blog "The Hidden Seed", a blog about personal style)

Double Parlour (a.k.a. Ernie + Cassandra Velasco)

Some of the photographs feature artists in their studios...

Rachel Paxton in her newly renovated studio in Jamaica Plain

An intimate portrait of Jessica Pisano working in her studio

Fleur Palau and one of her muses surrounded by paintings in the artist's studio

And I especially love these approaches as I HATE having my picture taken. I am inspired...

Allyssa Spry behind a bunch of daisies

Amanda Atkins behind a book, painted by the artist

and Samantha Wilcox wrapped in a soft pink scarf.

I am so grateful to be working with so many amazing artists -- not only talented but extremely supportive and inspiring. Now, you can see all of their smiling faces here!

Hmmm. I'm inspired to attempt a self-portrait, perhaps in the guise of a Saint...Lucy perhaps!?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Robin Beaty & Where Women Create...

I recently visited the very new and absolutely amazing studio of Robin Beaty, built by the artist herself along with master carpenter George Abetti. (Robin documented the entire process on her blog.)

During my visit, Robin showed me a wonderful magazine Where Women Create featuring "inspiring work spaces of extraordinary women". It is a lovely publication with beautiful photographs and represents a variety of spaces and styles...

I think Robin's studio is worthy of a profile -- this is where she creates:

Ventilation is very important when working with encaustic -- there is a trap door so that Robin can open and close her venting as needed.

And continuing upstairs to the office loft...

Complete with a bed she actually made out of old doors!

Wow. I cannot find the right words to communicate how much I LOVE this space. Well done Robin + George! I drove home with big ideas of how to transform my own studio space, which is in the attic of our new home....hmmm.

Oh, and I almost forgot -- Robin wrapped up a beautiful new painting for me to bring back with me...

Confluence #10 (36x36), now available.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

George Beland @ Apartment Therapy!

I was delighted to read this post by Tanya Lacourse in Apartment Therapy today -- introducing George Beland to AT readers! Thanks Tanya ;)

Tanya is an amazing artist herself, she is a photographer based out of Manchester, NH. (it's a small world -- she actually took Becky OH's portrait that I recently uploaded to the new artist page on our website!) You can see Tanya's portfolio on her website.