Thursday, October 30, 2008

Upcoming: Rachel Paxton

Here's a sneak preview of our upcoming show: "The Moment/The Eternal", Recent works by Rachel Paxton...

Rachel’s paintings and collages blend archetypes of nature and spirituality to explore life's universal rhythms and its contradictory journey. Fragments of maps, music, and historical motifs merge with natural phenomenon and Jungian symbols to create an altered visual world. - evoking memory, the passage of time, and the cycle of life.

"The Moment/The Eternal" opens Thursday, November 6th. Please join us at the opening reception on Friday, November 7th from 5-8pm. (In conjunction with the Art 'Round Town gallery walk)

New! New! New!

The gallery has been graced by new works from Abby Glassenberg, Dustan Knight and Robin Luciano Beaty in the past few days!

All Abby's work is hand-made in her home studio in Wellesley, Massachusetts. For the past year she has been making a series of bird soft sculptures including owls, wading birds, larks, chicks, canaries, penguins, swans and raptors. Abby likes to incorporate vintage and unusual fabrics and found materials into her work...

Dustan Knight continues to work toward a distillation of concept - "(the elusive perfection of ‘not too many notes – not too few’) drawing on themes which mean something tremendously important to me, which I attempt to convey as eloquently as possible to my viewers." Influenced both by the emotion and physicality of the expressionist movement and the imagery and delicacy of traditional methods of Asian Art...

Robin Beaty's work is gorgeous!! each individual painting is sophisticated to stand on its own, but it is the combination of these works that commands attention. In fact that's what makes them so fun to collect, you can start out with one, then add two to display in a row of 3, then perhaps a grid of 9, and then one can always dream of a big beautiful grouping of 20!

It's been brought to my attention that I always use the same words to describe deserts when speaking of Robin's work, well, I confess and maintain that they are delicious...

I am in the midst of creating an online shop!! It is taking a bit more time than expected (as I am committed to posting EVERY single piece of artwork, jewelry, handbag, furniture, cup, bowl, etc. )

I recently uploaded the "Jewelry" and "Paintings and Works on Paper" sections, so take a look - all of the new works by
Dustan Knight and Robin Beaty, among many others are now available to purchase online here!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

From Italy to Paint

This month has been crazy busy!! I almost forgot to post about the current show "From Italy to Paint", an exhibition of recent paintings by Helene Farrar.

Helene was in Italy this past summer - her amazing trip inspired the recent body of work. Here are some images of the show...

Helene also brought three triptychs...

Everyone has been so excited to be able to actually touch the doors and open them to reveal the inside (shown "The Humble Sheep of Spannochia")

All of the paintings from the show can also be seen here!