Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Thanks to Anne Bryant for coming in and writing about our Teeny Tiny Art Show!

"...Curator Kim Ferreira has done a great job of hanging a massive amount of work in such a way that it draws you further into her gallery to discover all the paintings, sculptures, and drawings that have been tucked, hung, encased in glass, neatly stacked and gently displayed...."

"...Absolutely stunning are Amy Gross' shadow box treats filled with botanical doppelgangers. She uses what she calls "imitative materials" to make these microcosms of mimicry. Right down to paper bees and ribbon moss, a close look at these incredible pieces reveals not one piece of craft store flora. Beads, fabric, paper, and other simple materials pretend so well, and Gross' skill makes me hope we see more of her in the future...."

"...I can't help but be drawn to the funnier side of this show. Greg Stones' sweet little watercolors and prints of penguins, zombies, aliens, Bigfoot, flashers, and nervous penguins' poop are really hilarious..."

"...Sarah Sharp's snapshots of scenes where little plastic toys are having adventures, mostly on food, are well executed as well as fun to look at. "Grand Day Out" turns a plant pot into a place for wee plastic hikers to take a nature walk and "Cows of Monte Cristo" makes a pasture of a sandwich..."

"...Gianna DiBartolomeo's paper and thread pieces resemble cross stitch, and hold snarky commentary between the words and the simplified images. From the recognizable one liners found in classic novels to her funny icon-type images paired with funny statements — you'll read them all if you read one.'I love ponchos.' 'Yoga is my sport.' 'Dependency Anonymous: We'll have a bus come pick you up'...."

"...Kaetlyn Wilcox has some killer little bird portraits she's done on wooden eggs. The birds, of course, in their Sunday best. Kelly Vivanco's well dressed little moles in "To the Market" and "Coin Purse" are very sweet and chock full of personality..."

"...I have just brushed the surface of this show. Be sure to stop in for all the rest of it — the lumberjacks, the spray paint, the Shakespeare, the fabric birds, and so, so much more."

Thanks again Anne! read the article in its entirety here.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

TT6 now in our online shop!

We had a wonderful opening friday night -- the gallery was jam packed with people and teeny tiny art!
I am very pleased to be done hanging and also to announce that all of the works from the Teeny Tiny Art Show #6 are now available to view + purchase in our online shop!!
Enjoy...and stay tuned for posts on participating artists...