Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tiny Toggery

More previews of Tiny Art! Liz Tran of Seattle, WA just sent some jpegs of the paintings she will be sending for the upcoming 'Teeny Tiny Art Show II' in February:

In her statement, Liz explains the series of daily dresses:
"This series of paintings began as a project for Art o Mat in which I created 50 themed cigarette pack sized paintings to be vended through restored cigarette machines. I have a large amount of thrift store vintage dresses and decided they would make a good subject since they hold their own as unique handmade objects. By painting them I am paying tribute to the women who lovingly spent many hours making them only to have them end up at a Salvation Army forty years later for $3. In return I am making something commemorating their work that, like the dresses themselves, takes me a great deal of care and time to create."

To view more paintings by Liz and other participating artists of the upcoming 'Teeny Tiny Art Show II' look here.