Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Sunset Road!

I just received a package from Courtney of My Sunset Road -- I love her jewelry designs (have admired necklaces and earrings on the beautiful Becky OH! for over a year now) and I am delighted to have them here at Three Graces! Courtney's designs are a perfect blend of organic and elegance.

making her ideas and designs come alive in metal...

The latest collection Sunset Road hints at ancient cultures from faraway places. Courtney has found inspiration in history and design from Africa, Asia and South America - intrigued by the form, function and significance of the ancient designs. "The original artisans crafted these pieces for both ornamental and symbolic purposes. They were adornments that were meant to seduce and were also worn as emblems of power. I wanted to keep the historical context and communicate it in my modern adaptations."

This is her favorite collection to date! "My love for modern design and history have come together in a collection that would feel at home in both the Museum of Natural History and the MoMA! These pieces are meant to be everyday favorites. You can wear them alone for a subtle look but the clean shapes and design are perfect for layering as well as mixing and matching with each other for a bolder statement."

The Spring collection from My Sunset Road "honors women who are conscious of trends but want quality pieces with timeless appeal."

Jewelry designs by My Sunset Road (a.k.a. Courtney Filer-Dougal) is now available and coming soon to our online shop!