Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tiny Tributes

I recently finished another group of miniature paintings. They are my way of paying homage to some of my favorite artists and their masterpieces. Among the "chosen ones" are Raphael (the Lady and the Unicorn, c. 1505), Leonardo (Mona Lisa, c. 1503), Botticelli (Birth of Venus, c. 1485), Rubens (Le Chapeau de paille, c. 1625), Ingres (Portrait of Mademoiselle Rivière, c. 1805) and Lucas Cranach (Eve, c. 1528).

*These petite paintings measure 4.5"x3.5". They are now available in the gallery for $90 each. Soon enough the miniatures and other small works will also be available online thru the gallery website!

My miniatures have provoked many discussions lately regarding a video on YouTube, 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art, at least five folks have mentioned it within the past week so I finally took the time (2 min + 46 sec) to take a look. Its maker thoughtfully selected paintings throughout the History of Western Art featuring female subjects and morphed them into one another. The women appear to be alive - muses in motion. I can see why so many people thought of this video when they saw my paintings, as many of the same portraits are included in the video. (in fact, this self-portrait by Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-Le Brun was next on my list!)