Tuesday, June 26, 2007

sneak peak

Our upcoming exhibition, 'Shifting Nature', will feature recent works by Brian Kiernan. The show opens on July 6th, however, I thought I would give a sneak preview as Brian's paintings have dramatically evolved in the past year. Incessantly seduced by the interior of the forest, his relationship with his subject has grown and the paintings have become more complicated, saturated with vibrant color and distinct form.

Working on site to execute small studies, in contact with nature, Brian absorbs the various encounters provided by the depth of the woody terraine. His observations are then gathered together and translated into fictive landscapes within the artist's studio. From the many sites and sources an amalgamation of the landscape is created. "Working from observation allows me to use the nuances of observed light while simultaneously developing the paintings in a more improvisational way. Much like the course of a myth, it has roots in reality, and over time it evolves and adapts, adding more complex layers."

'Shifting Nature' will be on exhibit in the gallery from July 6 - August 6. The opening reception will be held Friday, July 13th, 5-8pm in conjunction with art 'round town.