Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Good Art Will Not Match Your Sofa?

I just received word from Holly Becker, interior design consultant and writer of the wonderfully informative and inspiring decor8, that she was asked to design a room for Adorn magazine - around a chair they had selected for their upcoming Fall issue.

Holly revealed that she immediately thought of Bailey Saliwanchik's paintings, as she had seen them in the gallery here this past March. "I built the room around the chair AND Bailey's work, because I was so inspired by them when I first saw them in your gallery." (Shown is 'Joanna' and 'Whisper'.)

I am told that this is not the final picture, but you can get a sense of how the room came out - absolutely fabulous! I love the way Holly used the artwork and chair as her inspiration and built an environment around them thru color and the integration of raw and organic forms with clean lines and modern sophistication.

Bailey Saliwanchik is a young emerging figurative painter, originally from Maine, she now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Her paintings focusing on the beauty found in nature, color and the female form. "The image of a woman is all encompassing. There is power in delicate form. These bodies are rendered from the inside out, built from masses of pattern and blind mark and rotation until they reveal themselves to me. Breast, hand, spine, jaw - borne of chaos and perfectly flawed." Bailey first exhibited in the gallery this past March in 'Memory of Conversations', an exhibition of works by Bailey and Alexandra Mathis. She will be sending me some work for our upcoming 'Teeny Tiny Art Show' this September!