Saturday, June 30, 2007

Art World Astrology

I just got off the telly with Alex Mathis and she told me to check out Cirrus gallery where she will be exhibiting some of her work in their upcoming group show in August. Now located in LA, Cirrus Editions and Cirrus Gallery was founded by print visionary Jean Milant in 1970 (it was originally located in Hollywood). From that time, Cirrus stamped itself as a unique American art institution, functioning as a combination print workshop, publisher and art gallery.

As I believe in the power of the zodiac, it was a delight to find on their website, Horoscopes - Art World Astrology by Mat Gleason. Here is the general forecast for June 2007:

"The messenger planet Mercury is going retrograde once again, causing havoc as it appears to sail backward across the sky and like a rollercoaster through our personal and professional lives. The Art World is not immune form the planets and as the little messenger planet makes its way this month, galleries will see a lot of their resources stretched without commensurate payback, artists will have tension in the studio with work not meeting the right standards, and art collectors might be confronted with a turkey purchase they made not being the investment they assumed. In June the past is close behind and it is not as pretty as you recall. Read your specific zodiac sign to see where exactly June will take your art and your art career."

In addition there are forecasts for each of the twelve signs. I am a Pisces (feb 19 - mar 20)...

"A creative surge in early June could fizzle quickly so take a lot of notes. Pisces artists will have a creative block mid-month and having recent inspirations around the studio could keep you working through it. Pisces gallerists will have to make due with day after day of non-collector foot traffic asking annoying questions as the highlight to the late June workweeks."