Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hopping into 2009...

Last night was the opening reception of "Rabbit World" recent paintings by Fleur Palau. Her whimsical theme of rabbits in Italian landscape verges on the surreal. Rich color and tone predominate, the compositions take on a dynamic tension as Fleur creates a world that evokes elements of the human condition. States of being and emotion are explored in a world that is real and unreal at the same time. It is an examination of our interior life set off against the antique world of cypress trees, empty houses and ambiguous paths of no return.

"The full meaning of these paintings is of course open to speculation and does not concern me, though I recognize the symbolism and irony that is the vehicle in which to reveal some useful message about ourselves. I would hope that in these rabbit portraits we may recognize the better attributes of our own nature, that of love, friendship, loyalty, and that the renewed recognition of this will at once empower and inspire."~Fleur Palau

Fleur Palau is an American artist, trained in both New York and Florence,Italy. Fleur has lived and worked in Italy for over 20 years where she maintains a home and working studio. She is currently living in New Hampshire, and is known for her work in landscape painting, rabbit theme, and stone carving.

"Rabbit World" is on view thru February 2nd. I will also be posting all of the images from the show to our online shop later today!

Happy New Year to all!