Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vicarious Visit to Italy!

Raegan Russell just returned from her trip to Italy with her daughter Olivia and son Andrew! I've managed to set aside my envy and take pleasure in their journey thru some snapshots.

"hey, Kim! Here are a few selections from our photojournal of family trip to Italy...A lot of these are from Cinque Terra where we hiked the coast between five oldfishing villages. It was breathtaking visually (and on some climbs,physically!) I don't have many art images here other than those from the forumin Rome and Pisa...

...but we did see everything in the Uffizi, including our beloved Primavera, and an art highlight occured when we wandered into a church in Pietrasanta and saw two Botero frescoes and we were the only humans in the building. Seeing art in this way is a completely different and personal experience than any you can find in a museum. It was pretty cool....

...the pastaalla vongole was truly memorable and that's why it's here. I searched for the perfect pasta with little neck clams for ten days and finally found it my lastnight in Rome. After throwing my coins in the Trevi Fountain, I could go home happy and satisfied!

A disclaimer: Andrew is 12 and every monument is an opportunity for a phallic joke. Forgive him."