Thursday, July 5, 2007

birds, bottles and bags - oh my!

I've been crazy busy with all of the new merch flying thru the door within the past two days. Yesterday, we received a special delivery from Stephanie Young containing some of her exquisite miniature bottles (porcelain, $30), some more "funky fish from murky depths" (terracotta, $24-$125), and these adorable new "curious birds" (terracotta, $22). It has been a treat watching everyone pick one up for the first time to reveal the nest of eggs beneath each bird.

Becky O'Neil also came by yesterday to deliver some more of her fabulous one-of-a-kind handbags! She brought in a wonderful new assortment of colors and sizes. Becky told me all about her recent trip to New York City where she bought an extravagant amount of designer fabric, perused the galleries and museums - leaving just enough time for a relaxing stroll in Central Park.

Check out the summer issue of Yankee Magazine. Becky Oh! is featured with other fabulous summer accessories on pg. 33!