Monday, July 16, 2007

Art World Astrology

*Courtesy of Mat Gleason and Cirrus Gallery

General Forecast July 2007

The chaos of Mercury Retrograde is beyond us for most of the month. The little planet of communicating is in the zodiac sign of Cancer, picking up steam after its wayward track. This month is colored by a resolution of domestic issues and of absorbing an emotional experience that goes beyond language. Intuition is featured for everyone. The art world is looking for the new big thing like never before in July.

now for a little self-indulgence...

PISCES (february 19 - march 20)

Pointing toward the same old routine, a former friend is almost useless to assist your development. An exciting person who understands a part of the art world you know nothing about is ready to show you the way. Make this person understand you are along for the ride. Pisces artists are given a chance to meet the master! Pisces gallerists are looking at paying off many bills with a few impressive sales.

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