Monday, May 28, 2007

Recent Works by Raegan Russell

Preparations are being made for the opening of a new show, "Gardens and Other Places: Recent Works by Raegan Russell".

The paintings speak about both interior and real places. The imagery is informed by Raegan's connection to nature and the garden outside her studio window, as well as more exotic places such as seen in a recent trip to Russia. "I find that plants, birds, and architectural components serve as metaphoric elements; the growing garden seems to narrate a life unfolding."

I love Raegan's work for its boldness; thru her aggressive mark-making and the integration of found objects (always with personal meaning) the work hits me in the gut, I can feel the raw emotion with which the work was passionately composed, often exposing a beautiful vulnerability. Pictured here is A Walk Down Nevsky Prospekt (30"x60").