Friday, April 10, 2009

Between the Lines

Three Graces is currently featuring "Between the Lines", an exhibition of recent paintings by Marilene Sawaf and stained-glass panels by Monica Wing!

Lines of Paint ... Marilene Sawaf was born in Egypt. She studied fine arts at the ABC School of Fine Arts in Paris and is a graduate of Interior Design & Architecture at the University of Saint Esprit in Lebanon. She has exhibited her work extensively throughout New England and abroad.

"My first series of women goes back to 1981, after my recent move to New England. My inspiration was a luminous stained glass window that used to cover an entire wall of my grandmother's home in Egypt. I try to create an illusion and mystery that makes you wonder - who are these women and what are they doing? Products of my past culture, of my present taste for rich colors and enigmatic effects, my paintings of women are a mysterious reflection of my most subconscious dreams."

Lines of Lead (and Copper Foil) ... Monica Wing is exhibiting four stained glass panels. Each panel features sections of highly detailed paintings (church-window technique) alongside brilliant patterns and bold textures.

Humor + Whimsy - Shown above is "Her Feet Are Too Big" and below - "Losbster Dance" featuring the said red crustacean taking a pink seahorse by its "human" hand.

Please stop in if you are in our lovely Seacoast, and for those of you who are not - all of the works from this show are available to view + purchase in our online here.