Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wee Wax Works

Following my previous post explaining encaustics, here's a sneak peak of some more work to be in the upcoming Teeny Tiny Art Show #3...Robin Luciano Beaty and Linda Cordner describe their creative process and fascination with the medium of encaustic.

shown above: Above and Beyond Series by Robin Luciano Beaty (encaustic and mixed-media, 6x6 panels)

"The medium of encaustic; a molten beeswax paint mixed with resin and dry pigments, allows me to escape the confines of everyday artist's techniques and provides me with more exploratory means of expression. Its qualities are sublime and unpredictable, additive and subtractive, translucent and sculptural, which has strongly influenced my departure from realism to abstraction. This ancient technique has become my method of navigating the obscure terrain of imagination and memory." ~ Robin Beaty

shown above: Reaching by Linda Cordner (wax, oil and collage on board, 8x8)

"I am very drawn to wax and its tactile qualities, the smell and viscosity of the medium are very different from other painting techniques. Creating organic forms is a natural extension of wax’s origin. Coming from a background in graphic design, I am drawn to certain color schemes and shapes, the repetition and placement being important to the composition. My paintings are made by layering multiple coats of wax which can completely obscure the under layers at times. I then scrape away areas of the wax to expose the compositions below." ~ Linda Cordner

The Teeny Tiny Art Show #3 opens Friday, September 5th, with an opening reception from 5-8pm.

More previews of the show can be seen