Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the Redemptive Powers of the Hula Hoop

A box of paintings for the Teeny Tiny Art Show #3 just arrived today from Barbara Poole in Boston. The precious package contained twelve paintings from her series, "The Redemptive Powers of the Hula Hoop".

Barbara explains in her statement: "I was a resident at the artist’s colony Jentel in 2005 when I reacquainted myself with the magical properties of the hula-hoop. No one could actually hula hoop but all remembered a time in childhood when it cam easy. When my fellow residents would first try to hula they were stiff, bashful and dismissive of the action. But I encouraged them to keep trying, all the while snapping photos. As I did so, I noticed that there bodies would relax, they would start to giggle and then laugh and their facial expressions told me that they were remembering their first enthusiastic attempts at hula hooping. Very few people actually achieved mastery, but I got really good at snapping the pictures before the hoop hit the ground and capturing that look of childlike glee or determination on their faces."

"I have turned these moments into little icons, with gold leaf and gems. Paying homage to a time in our lives when our lack of self-awareness made everything possible.

Barbara will be at the opening reception on Friday, September 5th with her camera and hoop in hand!