Monday, December 3, 2007

What Came First, The Rabbits or the Paintings?

I am leaping with joy! Three Graces is exhibiting paintings by Fleur Palau (known well for her Rabbit paintings and Italian landscapes). Here she is with her muse, Amber, one of her six beautiful rabbits.

Fleur received training in both New York and Florence, Italy. She has lived and worked in Italy for over 20 years where she maintains a home and working studio. I recently visited her current studio in Wolfeboro, NH and picked up some paintings!

The Rabbit series is a whimsical, yet sometimes moody reflection of the human psyche set in the natural world. The full meaning of these paintings is of course open to speculation and does not concern me, though I recognize the symbolism and irony that is the vehicle in which to reveal some useful message about ourselves. I would hope that in these rabbbit portraits we may recognize the better attributes of our own nature, that of love, friendship, loyalty, and that the renewed recognition of this will at once empower and inspire.

Fleur is also working on a book project featuring some of her rabbit paintings. More about this in a later post!