Saturday, December 15, 2007

Trim the Tree

Three Graces presents one of a kind, handmade ornaments by nine different artists!

Ron Tuveson has created gilded ball ornaments. Ron specializes in hand crafted frames and restoration. He chose the ball shape as it is prevalent in the history of frames. The balls are available in 4 different sizes ranging from 1.25" to 2.5" and each is gilded with 23 carat gold! The striping is achieved thru selective burnishing.

Erin Moran, proficient potter and jewelry designer, has made these reversible porcelain ornaments. Erin has come up with over twenty different designs featuring holiday images and bold patterns and swirls.

Carey Armstrong-Ellis, highly acclaimed children's book illustrator, has created two ornaments for this holiday season; they are "Squid man with Removable Eye patch" and "Puss in Booties".

Sarah Burns, potter and sculptress, delivered some beautiful porcelain star ornaments featuring stripes and swirling patterns carved into the surface of the clay. Sarah also recently delivered some new vessels and functional pottery.

Sara du Long has created these gorgeous copper ornaments, painted with the same epoxy pigmented resin seen in Sara's innovative jewelry designs. Sara's jewelry is also available in the gallery - she just dropped off some new work the other day!

I created these ornaments below - the figures are lifted from my series series of self-portraits as saints . Each ornament is graphite and acrylic on wood.

Jared Tuveson (Ron's son) made these gilded milkweed pods, also gilded in 23 carat gold!

Elaine Ware (sister of Erin Moran) created many different ornament designs using copper and gem stones. Here is one of my personal favorites - the Christmas Tree!

Illustrator Abbigail Halpin dropped of some of sweet little angel ornaments.