Friday, July 23, 2010

Rabbits & Humanimal

I am so very pleased to present our second Satellite Exhibition in the main lobby of the Portsmouth Museum of Art in conjunction with their new show:

'Humanimal' presents a range of works representing both humans and animals... and the "in-between". Artists explore the many different relationships that humans have with animals in the world and within the human psyche.

"What makes a human human? How much of the animal remains in the human mind and body? The show includes artists' portraits of our animal selves as well as
animals taking on human-like personas, fantasy depictions of human-animal
combinations, explores the relationship between humans and animals, touches the
question of the future of animal species and references the presentation of
human-animal metaphors in literature and poetry. Images, sculpture and video
works range in content from mythic re-interpretation to sharp-eyed views on
contemporary life."

We have selected seven paintings by Fleur Palau, from her ongoing series "Rabbit World"...

"The Rabbit series is a whimsical, yet sometimes moody reflection of the human psyche set in the natural world.

The full meaning of these paintings is of course open to speculation and does not concern me, though I recognize the symbolism and irony that is the vehicle in which to reveal some useful message about ourselves.

I would hope that in these rabbbit portraits we may recognize the better attributes of our own nature, that of love, friendship, loyalty, and that the renewed recognition of this will at once empower and inspire." - Fleur Palau

In addition, this exhibit includes a sneak preview of two of the paintings to be published in a new children's book by author Bruce McMillan ...

All of the works from this show are also available to view + purchase in our online shop!

*Join us at the PMA for the public reception, Thursday, July 29th, 5:30 - 7:30pm in conjunction with the new show ... Enjoy a 'Beast Boy' at the bar accompanied by appetizers, courtesy of the Black Trumpet. And look, but don't pet, the live humanimals!