Saturday, June 28, 2008

Michael Santini: Modern Medievalist

How could I have forgotten to blog about this amazing painter!? I recently (sometime in May?) had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition of paintings by Modern Medievalist Michael Santini at Gallery XIV on Thayer Street in Boston's South End - It was LOVE at first sight.

"Santini’s oil paintings are reminiscent of the Medieval Dutch Masters, using the clarity of color and line, subtle symbolism and fine craft of these painters along with his unique personal style and concepts; his stunning masterpieces are striking fascinating. His artworks are allegorical portrayals of the constant spiritual and worldly struggle of good versus evil. His subtle and profound symbolism depicts this concept; the elements and characters in his work exist within a constant, yet ever changing boundary, rearranging themselves in each of his creations. Personal contemplation, hope choice and accountability as well as political and religious strife are consistent themes in his profound works." (Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NY)

Michael Santini received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Salem college in West Virginia in 1968. His artwork has been exhibited for nearly 40 years, with his first international show taking place in Paris, France in 1975. Santini's works are part of premier private collections world wide, he has won numerous awards, accepted many significant commissions, and is widely published. Mr. Santini maintains his painting studio in a restored stone farmhouse in Wisconsin.

THANK YOU Mr. Santini for your modern mastery and your medieval mind. You left me haunted (in a good way!)

shown: "Venus on the half shell explaining the nutritional significance of garlic to Botticelli disguised as a cow" and "Making a profound decision without a safety net while a protestor is being muzzled with a plunger".